Tibia XLOC plate, proximal lateral

The proximal tibia plate for bone fixation of the proximal lateral tibia. The tibia XLOC plate has an anatomically pre-shaped proximal head. The shaft of that anatomical bone implant is adapted to the Tibia bone.

Features of tibia proximal lateral XLOC plate:
• High grade Titanium material
• Anodized type II
• Hardened Titanium surface
• Reduced risk of cold welding
• Optimal biocompatibility
• Available as left and right anatomic shaped plates
• Proximal head shaped design for optimal positioning
• sizes from 5 to 13 holes
• K-wire holes support plate positioning
• Conical tapered plate tip
• Rounded edges and shaft profile reduce irritation of soft tissue
• Shaft with compression holes for dynamic axial compression for common Ø 4.5 mm cortical bone screws
• Proximal and distal locking holes for XLOC Ø 5.0 mm locking screw