xloc tibia distal medial plate

Tibia XLOC plate, distal medial

The tibia XLOC distal medial plates are intended for fractures of the distal tibia. The tibia XLOC plate has an anatomically pre-shaped distal head. The shaft of the plate is bent and twisted in order to fit the bone of the distal tibia.
Features of tibia XLOC plate distal medial
– High grade Titanium material
– Anodized type II
– Hardened Titanium surface
– Reduced risk of cold welding
– Good biocompatibility
– Available in left and right plates
– Distal head shaped design for optimal positioning
– Proximal shaft bent and twisted for fitting the bone
– 4 to 14 holes
– K-wire holes supports plate positioning
– Conical plate tip
– Limited contact profile to protect the blood supply
– Rounded edges and shaft profile reduce the soft tissue irritation
– Compression holes for dynamic axial compression for common Ø 3.5 mm cortical screws
– Proximal and distal locking holes for XLOC Ø 3.5 mm locking screws
– Distal locking holes for XLOC Ø 4.0 mm cancellous locking screws
– Distal tab for medial malleolus