Tibia and femur nailing systems

AF intramedullary nailing systems for femoral and tibial fracture treatments.
Antegrade approaches in femur and tibia bone andretrograde approach for femur fracture treatments.
All three nailing systems combine static and dynamic locking mode options.
The femur nail is designed as one implant for two approaches, Antegrade and Retrograde.
That nail combines all the capabilities and benefits of separated antegrade and retrograde nailing systems.
Reduced inventory is another big advantage of one nail for two approaches.

Design features antegrade – retrograde

Femur nail design features

  • • Antegrade and Retrograde approach
  • • Locking options static and dynamic
  • • All nails are cannulated
  • • Common 4.0 and 5.0 locking screws for all
  • • One nail for right and left side
  • • End caps in various sizes
  • • Easy implant removal

Tibia nail design features 

  • • Various proximal and distal locking options
  • • Proximal two ML locking options
  • • Increasing stability for proximal third fractures
  • • Distal locking with two ML holes and
    one AP hole
  • • Distal end hole
  • • End caps in various sizes
  • • Easy implant removal