FSpine pedicle screw system


FSpine – Pedicle Screw System

We provide a comprehensive range of spine products. Highest quality spine implants
consisting of instruments and implants for the
most common applications in cervical, lumbar and thoracic fusion
surgery. Our spine products are carefully designed to optimize the best
possible result of the surgery.
In order to ensure a consistent high quality standard highest
grade raw materials are processed by state-of-the-art
The spinal pedicle screw system is consisting of polyaxial
and monoaxial spine screws, rods, set screws, hooks
and crosslinks. It is a preassembled top-loading system
for posterior stabilization of the Thoracolumbar spine.
That system provides three dimensional adjustability for
stable and simple construct assembly. The pedicle screw system
is featuring a low profile head in combination with a
unique thread design. As a result, safe and stable spinal fixation
is ensured.
The main target of the adapted spine instrumentation
is to provide the best surgeon-friendly assistance.
Great design in combination with perfect
match to the pedicle screws.

Key features:
• low profile design, monoaxial and polyaxial
• cannulated pedicle screws also available for cementing
• easy insertion of set screw
• unique thread design
• top-loading
• color coded
• high pull-out strength
• easy-to-use instrumentation nicely designed