Pedicle screws

Key features:

  • • low profile design, monoaxial and polyaxial
  • • easy insertion of set screw
  • • unique thread design
  • • top-loading
  • • color coded
  • • high pull-out strength
  • • easy-to-use instrumentation


pedicle screws

XLOC® locking plates

Key features

  • • anatomically shaped plates reduces soft tissue difficulties
  • • combination holes offers interoperative choice between compression or angular stability
  • • angular stability also in reduced bone quality in the case of osteoporosis
  • • exactly fitting locking screws
  • • low contact design preserves the periosteal blood supply
  • • simple easy-to-follow instruments
  • • wide variety of anatomically shaped plates enables a broad spectrum of indications



Technical features

  • • 3 proximal nail angles: 125°, 130°, 135°
  • • Proximal diameter Ø 16 mm
  • • nails with bending for valgus curvature
  • • nail diameters 10 to 12 mm
  • • distal oblong hole for dynamic locking
  • • screw plugs up to 10 mm
  • • 10.5 mm lag screws, self-tapping tip
  • • 5.5 anti-rotation screw, self-tapping
  • • cannulated lag screw
  • • 5.0 mm distal locking screws, self-tapping, fully threaded


aftron nail


AF MEDICAL is an international acting orthopedic company located in Germany. As an orthopedic manufacturer we are focused in orthopaedic / osteosynthesis implants with the following product segments:

• locking screws and locking plate systems
• cannulated screws
• small / large fragment sets
• screw sets
• implant kits
• spine implants
• pedicle screw system
• interlocking nail systems
• trochanteric nail system
• K wire

Since our foundation in 1992 we gained a broad experience by having a very close and intense cooperation with our distributors. Product designing is performed in house by CAD programming. Both, our machine park and customers demand are continuously growing which demonstrates our high level of quality and craftmanship. By having intense contact with our distributors and also a fully equipped machine park, we can always investigate in latest technologies arising soon, so we can stay up to date with orthopeadic implants and orthopeadic instruments.

One of our key objectives is the gradually enlargement of our orthpedic implants to increase flexibility to the most common indications in the operative orthopaedic / trauma surgery and to increase business partnerships. In addition we offer customer made products. Contact us if you are looking for contract manufacturing companies.
We are continuously looking for additional distributors in other countries so please get in touch with us if you are interested.
Our brands:
XLOC – locked plating system and locking screw system for the upper and lower extremities
AFTron – trochanteric interlocking nail system
FSpine – pedicle screw system